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steps to becoming a verdesian vip 

1. Purchase a minimum of $200k of Verdesian product in the program year. 

2. Sign the Verdesian VIP Platform Agreement that you will receive from Terri Bryant in the Fall of 2020. 

3. Provide your VLS product inventory twice per year (December and June ) to VLS- additional information to come


This isn't your run of the mill 'jelly of the month club' loyalty program. Our annual dealer meeting last year was an Amazing Race, 35 team, 1200+ checkpoint dash across Park City Utah. An epic event. UTVs, gun range, food trucks, massage tables. Need we say more. No conference rooms allowed. This past February we took 140+ of our closest dealer friends to Costa Rica for 4 days at a five star resort. These are just a few of the the events and experiences that we offer in the platform.


But more importantly, becoming a VIP dealer gives you unprecedented access to leading NUE marketing tools, campaigns, collateral,  training, and technology to GROW YOUR BUSINESS. Because, if we are honest, vacation is nice, but a bottom line that is booming tastes like a poolside Daiquiri, regardless the time of year. 

We won't be sending you junk mail and branded Verdesian trinkets. You don't have time for that and frankly neither do we. We want to grow your business. It is good for you and its good for us. 

we are always listening   

Two years ago you told us that the program was dated. It needed a complete revamp. We did that and the feedback was great. But there was still areas to improve. Many dealers desired more ability to customize how they spent their earned funds instead of us allocating them into particular categories. Well, we listened. And we changed. This year we have moved to a points based platform that will allow dealers to utilize their earn NUE points to select tools, events, training, experiences, and content to help them grow their business.  

I like what i hear.what is the fine print  

There are no participation ribbons in this program. You've got to earn it. Once you do, you are in the club. As a dealer you must purchase a minimum of $200k worth of product in the program year to qualify. This includes all Verdesian NUE products. We are very confident that if you take a look across all the products we sell (polymers, nutritionals, micronutrients, seed treatment and inoculants) there is no reason why you could not become a Verdesian VIP. If we do anything, we do it well. This means that some of the benefits are capped or will have different release dates for certain levels of VIPs. 

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