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Seed+GRAPHITE Toolkit

Nutritional Seed Supplement

SEED+ GRAPHITE is a nutritional seed treatment designed to support seedling vigor, emergence and better tolerate the effects of abiotic stress to improve yield and quality of crops. Its multiple modes of action and multi-disciplinary approach help plants treated with SEED+ GRAPHITE perform better. Use these tools to help your grower customers see how SEED+ GRAPHITE can help them grow a more resilient, healthy plant.

SEED+ Treatment


  • Better seedling vigor and emergence

  • Improved shoot and root and root hair development

  • Better plant health by reducing the negative impacts of stress


SEED+ GRAPHITE is meant for equipment that requires graphite in the planter, and is meant to replace talc/graphite when it is required​



SEED+ Dry can be conveniently applied directly to seeds in the planter box at the time of planting. See product label for details.



Corn: 8 oz/cwt of seed
Soybean: 4 oz/cwt of seed

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