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Primo GX2 to the rescue

In-furrow, multi-strain, dual-action
granular pulse inoculant

Primo GX2 is an in-furrow, multi-action granular inoculant that brings more nitrogen to the plant and performs well in harsh planting conditions. Use these tools to help your grower customers see how Primo GX2 can give crops the best fighting chance to thrive!

Primo Gx2 Treatment


With the additional power of 100 Thousand ​ (1x10^5) CFUs of Azospirillum brasilense, Primo GX2 is proven to increase root growth and overall root mass leading to increased water and nutrient uptake. It has shown to increase solubilization of phosphorous and other key nutrients. In addition, Primo GX2 can also result in an increase in the total number of nodules and better distribution across the root system for better nitrogen utilization within the plant.


Double screened and a
preferred moisture gives you superior and proven flowability through your planter.

1 bag that will treat Peas,
Lentils, & Faba Beans. 

The added ability to increase
root growth & solubilize Phosphorous, Iron, and other
key nutrients.

Average of 25% more granules per acre. Give your roots the best chance to find those rhizobia
to form critical nodules. 


primo gx2 logos 

Click on the logo to download a .zip file of the logo set.

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